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God allowed three major disasters to alter the course of author Nikki Thompson’s life. They were, without a doubt, the most difficult, saddest, humiliating, horrible, and embarrassing times in her life. She lived a good portion of six months in a rolling fog. In Even If You Were Told, she shares her story about the three, major life-altering events that she experienced.

Nikki faced the unthinkable—a destructive tornado, cardiac/medical issues, and a divorce—with no choice but to walk through six months of brutal torment that completely shattered the life she loved. Instead of going it alone, she chose to lace up her boots and walk through the fire with God by her side.

In this testimony, she tells how the outcome was nothing short of miraculous. If you had warned her of these events, she would have never believed you, much less predicted how they would unfold. But this is a story of survival and of defeating darkness through hope, of overcoming life when it doesn’t play fair—all by the grace and love of God.